18 Day Challenge: Learn to love yourself

It is said that if you want to find happiness in life, you must first learn to love yourself, if you want to earn the respect of those around you, you must respect yourself. Psychologists prepared an 18-day challenge for us. They say that if you accept and fulfill this challenge, you will learn to love yourself.

18 Day Challenge: Learn to love yourself

Day One: Close your eyes and imagine something that brings happiness, a source of pleasure. It can be anything from a favorite food to a kiss from a loved one.

Day Two: Enjoy the meal, with each bite, feel the taste of the food ingredients.

Day Three: In the morning, first listen to your favorite music. Music will help you find harmony and you will not find a better way to start the morning perfectly.

საკუთარი თავის სიყვარული

Day Four: Inhale the scent you really love. It can be the scent of any food, the scent of candles, essential oils, or the scent that reminds you of any place and pleasant news.

Day Five: Do some art. You may be the worst artist on earth, but drawing something with your own hands, putting it on a sheet of your own imagination, is the best way to unwind and find harmony with yourself.

Day Six: Do the sport you enjoy. Maybe it's yoga, tennis, dancing, or just walking. Start today and turn this into a daily routine.

Day Seven: Prepare your favorite food, or if you do not like fuss in the kitchen, order it.

საკუთარი თავის სიყვარული

Day 8: Drink more water than you used to drink and from now on, make it a routine.

Day 9: Apply more moisturizer on the body, go for a massage as a sign of more love and respect for yourself. Declare this day more as a day of love.

Day Ten: Take a shower longer than before. Get more fun.

Day Eleven: Ask yourself twice a day what you need and act on your own needs. This is another action that you should make a habit of.

საკუთარი თავის სიყვარული

Day Twelve: Watch funny videos, or a comedy movie. Declare this day a day of laughter.

Day Thirteen: Call someone you love and miss very much.

Day Fourteen: Buy what you have been wanting to buy for a long time - maybe it is a dream shoe, or a dress, or a perfume for which you could not afford it.

Day Fifteen: Do what you have long wanted to do. Maybe it's starting a new business, taking the first step towards a dream, or even going hiking, anything.

Day Sixteen: Tell me I love those you love, tell me I miss those you miss. You will see how wonderful life will be.

Day Seventeen: Close your eyes for 5 minutesand listen to your heart. It will give you many things. Psychologists say that you should make this a habit as well.

Day Eighteen: Give your child freedom. Do you want a song? Sing. Maybe you enjoy dancing? Then what are you waiting for. Be childish and be more fun and cheerful as you were as a child.