Triumphant Girl with Ocean Eyes - The Story of Billie Eilish

With over 66 million followers on Instagram, millions of fans around the world, dozens of Grammy Awards, well-deserved first place in the Billboard Charts, and records that will take us far - this is the most successful young man of the 21st century, Billy Aili, who managed to Thanks to his eyes and strict individualism, at the age of 18 he became a role model musician and even a cult figure.

Triumphant Girl with Ocean Eyes - The Story of Billie Eilish

Early years On December 18, 2001, the brightest star of the 21st century appeared in the family of Maggie Bryde and Patrick O'Connell in Los Angeles. Billy Ailey grew up in complete musical harmony with his older brother, Phineas. Maggie wrote the songs, and Patrick performed them on a variety of instruments. This fact taught Billy and Phineas a love of music from an early age, and then prompted the most talented sibling to find their way into this challenging industry.

ბილი აილიში

Billy and Phineas were educated at home while their peers went to school and were busy with various activities. The siblings devoted all their time to music. 
They listened, felt, and then tried to create for themselves what would forever remain in the listener’s heart.

Phineas is my brother and best friend, despite the circumstances, we have always been and will always be by each other, for each other. "

Bille Eilish
At the age of 8, Billy joined a church choir and sang there for three years. 11-year-old Aili was already writing and composing music herself. During this period, Bill's dance and cinematography were also captured. He made several short films and edited them himself in the iMovie app.

Bill's older brother Phineas said in one of his interviews that he always knew about his younger sister's mournful voice, though he never carried the power. One day Phineas, who already had his own band at the time, offered Billy his own song, Ocean Eyes, to be recorded, which Billy agreed to. In October 2015, a song was recorded in one of the studios in Los Angeles, which changed the future of young Billy forever.

The story begins with Ocean Eyes and continues with this song. After Billy and Phineas discovered that the performance sounded quite enjoyable, they uploaded it to the music platform SoundCloud. In the shortest amount of time, the song has garnered more than 10 million views. Maybe the Okoneli siblings were expecting success, though they could never have imagined this level.Later, Billy recorded four remixes of his debut single, which soon became hits like the original. All of this gave Bill the much needed impetus to take a solid and bold step towards the music industry.

ბილი აილიში

After a successful debut, Billy Ailish released the following singles, Bellyache and Bored. The latter was the soundtrack to Netflix's famous teen series, 13 Reasons Why. New songs included Watch, Copycat and Don’t Smile at Me. Billy also began collaborating with celebrities and shared the results of the collaboration with Vince Staples and Khalid to a wider audience.

Soon after, Billy Ailish recorded a song called Bad Guy, which can be said to break everyone's record. The song topped the Billboards in both the United States and the United Kingdom. It was thanks to Bad Guy that Billy became the first American female singer to top the British Billboard charts.

"I try to show everyone that I am a simple girl who can do whatever she wants, regardless of gender. This is our world too! "

The record holder, the youngest female singer became Billy even when she won Grammy Awards - 6 nominations. 4 of these nominations were in the main category. While reading all this, do not forget to share that Aili is only 18 years old. He has already been able and felt with talent, intelligence and individualism to have achieved more than the duration of a 5-year music career, because at this point his whole life either reaches or does not reach at all.